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In addition, he earned his Ph. In 2024, he ran for https://www.vpap.org/candidates/297214/elections/ Congress, losing to Republican Tom Perriello by 432 votes. From George Washington University, where he studied Systems Engineering. He was appointed to the role of director of engineering at the Department of State in the Obama administration, and he is now running for Congress once again, this particular period of time to challenge incumbent Democrat Don McEachin. Dan Helmer is a Bronze Star winning Army veteran who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Don McEachin has served as a fellow member and a lawyer of the House of Delegates. Recognizing the limitations of what he can achieve in the private sector, he decided to run for office. Helmer’s foray into politics was pushed by a desire to effect change on an even greater scale. His initial try was a bid for Congress, where he gained valuable campaign experience despite not winning the seat. This first foray into electoral politics did not deter him instead, it fueled his determination to go on advocating for his neighborhood.

Helmer is in favor of a border wall just in the feeling that the border must better protected from human trafficking and drug trafficking. Where does Dan Helmer stand on immigration? But he claims he is against building an actual wall structure, as well as would rather use electronic surveillance and increase staffing at ports of entry. Sponsored bills to research whether veterans experience discrimination when trying to attain a home mortgage.

Voted for a bill that would streamline the process of approving home loans for veterans. Here is what Dan Helmer has been doing for veterans: votes together with Accomplishments :. Voted for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which provided an added 437 million for Veterans Health Administration. Supported veterans in crisis through the Veterans Suicide Prevention Act. Do you support requiring parental consent for minors searching for an abortion in Virginia?

We should make voting as easy as they can. Dan Helmer on Abortion. Dan Helmer on Voting Rights. I support a woman’s right to make her own personal healthcare decisions, including a choice to end the pregnancy of her. Do you help support enacting automatic voter registration for those legitimate residents who apply for state identification in Virginia, so they’re immediately registered to vote? Don McEachin voted against border protection measures to secure the border and keep America safe.

A vote for Don McEachin is really a vote against veterans. Don McEachin voted against the Defense Spending Bill which supported troops, veteran pay raises, and armed forces advantages. A vote for Dan Helmer is a vote for veterans. This evaluation by the Federal Elections Commission indicates that Don McEachin renders more than 200 payments to the brother of his – who was convicted of fraud.